Long Term Care News - Week of November, 2020

Long Term Care News - Week of November 9, 2020

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RIP Sean Connery.  Like Christopher Reeve, our heroes are mortal like us with all of the same real-life health challenges.  Perhaps it's a parting gift to others to see they're not alone, or a message to plan ahead for life's challenges.   

Impact Week: The Limited and Extended Care Planning Center is facilitated and promoted by NAIFA, and is proud to announce its inaugural virtual conference. Running over three days (12pm - 3pm each day, Nov 10 - 12th), attendance is open to members and non-members alike. The programming is wide-ranging, targeted to financial pros, and led by industry leaders.

Celebrity Misfortune: Many years ago, we used to say of Christopher Reeve, "No one could imagine Superman would need long-term care," but over time such stories grew so plentiful as to outgrow their usefulness. Add James Bond to the list.

Souvenaid: Interesting study about Fortasyn Connect (a drink that includes a formula of fatty acids, vitamins and other nutrients) which appears to slow early Alzheimer's decline.

SDOH: Increasing numbers of insurers now incorporate into underwriting what are called "social determinants of health" (eg zip code, educational attainment). But this author argues that we're overlooking a big one: health literacy.

On the Money: Producers are always on the lookout for pro-LTC insurance articles from third-party sources, so here's one from Money that says it's a great time to buy. (Bonus: the gif accompanying the article is super clever.)

Don't Overexert Yourself: We've been told that physical activity can help prevent dementia, but it turns out there's "good physical activity" and "bad," and they have opposite effects. Now you tell me...

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