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“Dick is now in his fifth year on claim, and we have collected nearly $250,000 from his coverage. Who knows? With Alzheimer’s Disease, he could live many more years.” Helen C.
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Long Term Care Planning

Planning for long term care can be overwhelming. Whether you’ll need care tomorrow or 30 years from now, sometimes just finding good information from a reliable source can be difficult. 

Our goal is to bring you clear, straightforward LTC information sourced from a multitude of prominent public and private organizations, and drawn from our 42 years of experience.

We hope you’ll develop a better understanding of the issues surrounding long term care and how a serious accident or illness might affect you and your family so that you will not live your life unprepared.

Throughout your research we may provide you with custom content or refer you to “off site” resources to receive more detailed information. You can also visit our Resource Center for supplementary materials.

If you’re in need of direct answers to specific questions I invite you to complete one of the “Request” forms located in the navigation menu to your left. This is also how you can obtain custom pricing for long term care insurance should that be an option you wish to explore.

Of course, you can always reach us at 1-800-704-9233.  Thank you for visiting.


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