Extended Care Disrupts Retirement Plans

A need for care can quickly become all-consuming. Providing care disrupts the emotional and physical well-being of those your client loves, while paying for care disrupts every plan created to secure financial viability during retirement.

Paying for care causes a reallocation of cash flow-- cash that is already committted to pay for non-discretionary lifestyle expenses. Before long, care requires an unintended invasion of capital, raising issues of:

  • Unnecessary taxes
  • Market timing
  • Liquidity
  • Reduced capital for income generation

Let Your Portfolio Execute as Intended

Establishing a plan allows others to provide care so your clients' retirement plans can execute as intended. We consultatively engage with clients of:

  • Financial advisors
  • Certified public accountants (CPA's) and tax professionals
  • Estate planning attorneys

Partner with an LTC Insurance Specialist

Your knowledgeable partner at LTCA can assist with:

  • HNW clients and those of more modest means
  • Asset-based solutions and traditional high-leverage alternatives
  • Solutions funded through one's business, and other tax advantages

Why Work with LTCA?

Working hand-in-hand with one of our career professionals translates into better outcomes-- for your clients and for you:

  • LTCA's producers have an average of 15-years experience as LTC insurance specialists
  • We are experts at navigating the world of health underwriting
  • Spare yourself case management-- that's what we do, from new business intake to policy delivery.

Next Steps

If you would like to learn more about partnering with an LTC Insurance Specialist, please contact info@ltc-associates.com.