Avoid the Cost of Waiting

Getting the best rate on long term care insurance requires good timing and thoughtful planning. A change in age or health can result in permanently higher premiums.

  1. The age at which you purchase is critical - Although premiums are designed to remain level for the rest of your life, they are based on your age when you apply. Waiting until after your next birthday can result in permanently higher rates.
  2. Maximizing your "good health" is key - Waiting to buy reduces the odds you'll qualify for preferred rates. At age 49, 62% of applicants qualify for good health rates, but this number falls to 38% by age 60.

Work with a Specialist

Understanding the fine print can make all the difference at claim time - This is the type of protection you will generally purchase once in your lifetime. A specialist, like LTCA, will have walked thousands of clients through the application process, represent all the major insurers, and have helped families collect millions of dollars in benefits.

An expert LTCI Specialist can design a package of benefits that stretches your dollar at claim time. Our knowledge of benefit utilization constantly informs our recommendations, and we review Cost of Care surveys to make sure our clients neither underbuy-- nor overbuy.