With over 40 years committed to the long term care insurance market, what we're most proud of is our record of claims advocacy on behalf of our policyholders.

LTCA is Here to Help Your Family

Look forward in time 25 years:

  • Will your spouse be able to assist with your claim?
  • Will your children understand what you've purchased?
  • Will you be alone?

We understand that you're buying peace-of-mind for some point, hopefully, far into the future. LTCA is committed to advocating on your behalf as we've done for our clients for over four decades. No agency in the country can boast the same degree of longevity and success when it comes to long term care insurance claims.

Some of our peers post press releases announcing how much they've sold, or who they've hired. Does any of that matter to you? Instead, every few years LTCA re-certifies our claims-paid totals, which now exceed $27,000,000.

What if You're Not an LTCA Client?

If you need claims assistance, we can recommend Amada Senior Care, our valued partner. Among their services are care management and third-party advice. As an experienced claims servicing organization, they can help you when your agent has retired or is simply not capable of providing the degree of assistance you need in order to maximize your benefits.

Their initial consultation is free. You can read more about their services here, or call them directly at 1-877-44-AMADA.