Your LTCA Specialist can help you navigate your options to take advantage of each premium allowance for which you're eligible. Since each insurer applies its own criteria, knowing which will favor your health or partner status can make a big difference. In some cases, your savings could exceed 40%.

Be informed and ask your LTCA Specialist if you qualify for:

  • Preferred or Good Health Discount  - Ranges from 5% - 15%
  • Spouse or Domestic Partner Discount - Ranges from 10% - 30% when both apply and are issued
  • Marital Discount - Ranges from 10 - 15% when only one of a couple applies
  • Worksite or Multi-Life Discount- Ranges from 5% - 10%
  • Common Employer Discount - Equals 5%

Exclusive Discount

If you belong to a sponsoring organization, LTCA may be able to offer you an exclusive discount.   

  • Association or Sponsored Group Discount - Equals 5%

Note: not all carriers extend all premium allowances, and some institute a maximum cap on combined discounts.