We save you time with a straightforward, transparent approach to shopping for long term care insurance. This 40 second video shows you how we work:


Anyone can find you a great bargain. Why do we know this? Because we're all "playing from the same playbook." The rates that are filed with your state's Insurance Department will not vary whether you purchase a plan through LTCA or your local financial planner.

But long term care insurance is-- when done right-- a decision you make only once in your lifetime.

Like any major purchase, it's about more than price. What do you value?

  • Someone who can simplify the complex
  • Someone who can save you time
  • Someone who listens patiently and attentively
  • Someone who is trusted and well-regarded by their peers
  • Someone who is experienced and knowledgeable
  • Someone who specializes in this technical market
  • Someone who will be there at claim time

If these values resonate with you... welcome home.