Mutual of Omaha - Circle of Excellence 2015 - 2022
Long Term Care Associates, Inc. (LTCA) has earned the Circle of Excellence honor from Mutual of Omaha for seven years running. The Circle of Excellence recognizes the best firms in each product line for the company.
 Genworth Elite Distributor 2017 - 2018
Long Term Care Associates, Inc. (LTCA) has been named an Elite Distributor by Genworth Life Insurance Company. The firm was selected on the basis of its growth potential, high-quality producers, and longstanding relationship through the years.
 OneAmerica - Care Solutions University 2017 - 2020

We've been sending our team of specialists to the home office in Indianapolis, IN to undergo intensive product training by Senior Management. Graduates leave with specialized knowledge in the field of linked benefit long term care protection.

 CLTC Certification 2015 - 2023

CLTC® Certification for Long-Term Care educates professionals in the fields of insurance, financial services, law and accounting.  LTCA's licensed agency Principal holds this designation.

 National Underwriter Life & Health 2016 Industry Elite
Each year, National Underwriter honors the best and brightest in the life and health insurance industry. Four individuals received an Industry Elite Award in 2016, including LTCA's senior vice president Stephen D. Forman, who won in the category of Industry Awareness. 2014 Best Senior Living Awards
Senior Living Award 2014 The 2014 Best Senior Living Awards is a comprehensive program to highlight the top resources, entities, people, and places relevant to caregivers, families and the senior living industry. LTCA was a Finalist in the category “Social Media Rockstars – Organizations.” 2013 Best Senior Living Awards
Senior Living Award 2013 The 2013 Best Senior Living Awards highlights the top senior living providers, resources, people, and organizations in a wide variety of caregiving and senior living categories. LTCA was a Finalist in the category “Social Media Rockstars – Organizations.”
 2012 Best of the Web
Senior Living Award 2012 The 2012 Best of the Web contest highlights the best senior living and caregiving websites, blogs, and resources for consumers and senior living professionals. LTCA was a Finalist in the category “Social Media Rockstars – Organizations.”
 Top 7 Best Health Blogs
Best Health Blog Award When insurance hub LifeHealthPro declared, “seven of the industry’s most influential insurance blogs that you should be following,” they included LTCA’s among other heavyweights such as Michael Kitces, Jay Baer and John Goodman.
 Social Media Madness
Social Media Madness Awards Sponsored by Capital One Spark Business, more than 4,000 companies in 43 cities entered the challenge, which showcases the best social media growth strategies in a tournament-style challenge. LTCA advanced to the 3rd Round, and—although we didn’t win—pledged our $10,000 prize to the Alzheimer’s Association.
 Aging Council Q&A's
Senior Care SeniorCare brings together established experts in the senior industry to discuss the pivotal issues the country faces as the demand increases for quality senior living and health care for the growing aging population. SVP Stephen Forman is one of six Financial Professionals represented on the Council. Our answers are featured in a number of influential publications each month.
 Named one of the 20 Most Creative People in Insurance
Most Creative People in Insurance Selected by the Editorial Team at LifeHealthPro, who put the award in their own words, “There are many creative minds revolutionizing the industry today. Here, we present 20 of the greatest, a cross-generational, cross-disciplinary, cross-regional group that is truly making a difference in how we sell, market and think about insurance today.”


Advisory Councils 

 SeniorCare Aging Council
Dedicated professionals work relentlessly to help the adults and family caregivers navigate elder care and retirement. These experts devote their careers to resolving problems and discovering new trends that encourage healthier and better lives.
 New York State Partnership Redesign Workgroup
The New York State Partnership for Long Term Care (NYSPLTC) is designed to finance long-term care by linking private insurance to Medicaid. In operation since 1993, the Program recently observed a need to re-evaluate its infrastructure to create a more viable option for insurers and consumers alike. Along with stakeholders from a variety of backgrounds, LTCA was invited to participate in the Redesign Workgroup to discuss, manage and design a revitalization campaign.
 Select Committee to Re-Design Washington State’s 8-Hour LTC Insurance Course
Office of the Insurance Commisioner In order to sell Long Term Care Insurance, a licensed producer must have first completed a specialized 8-hour course of instruction. When the State chose to revise its course outline, it invited a handful of LTCI experts to a Select Committee to consult on the project.
 Organizing Committee and Track Chair, 15th Annual ILTCI Conference
ILTCI The   vision   of   the   ILTCI   is   to   create   an   environment   for   aging   in   America   that   includes   thoughtful,   informed planning   that   takes   into   account   the   most   effective   and   efficient   use   of   resources   in   addressing   the   risks   and   costs   of   long   term   care   for   all levels of American society. They also hold the industry’s most prestigious inter-company conference each year, bringing together all disciplines from within the insurance process. 
 LTC Advisory Committee Member, NAHU
National Association of Health Underwriters The National Association of Health Underwriters represents over 100,000 health benefit specialists.
 SOA, LTCI Section Member
Society of Actuaries The Society of Actuaries is the largest professional organization serving 24,000 actuarial members in the United States, Canada and worldwide. Senior Vice President Stephen Forman is a member of the LTC Insurance section, and has spoken at several national conventions.
 3in4 Need More
3in4 Need More The 3in4 Need More is a non-profit public service campaign dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of planning for one’s long term care needs. LTCA is a proud supporter of its goals.
 Advisor Incubator, LifeHealthPro’s Succession Initiative
The Succession Initiative The Succession Initiative seeks knowledgeable mentors to tackle one of the insurance industry’s major challenges—the complex barriers which drive many new professionals into quitting. LTCA was invited to be a charter member.