With 49% of all long term care claims lasting less than 1-year, short term care insurance can be a great choice for some people.

What is Short Term Care Insurance?

Many states regulate long term care insurance by defining it as a benefit lasting more than 365 days. When plans offer benefits similar to those found in LTC policies, but for a duration lasting less than 365 days, they are often referred to as Short Term Care Insurance (STC).

LTCA offers plans that run from 90-days up to 365-days in our STC portfolio.

Why Purchase Short Term Care Insurance?

  • Cost Savings - Shorter-duration policies are significantly less expensive
  • Easier Underwriting - STC applications ask fewer health questions than LTC
  • Right Size - Benefits can fill customized needs, from closing gaps in Medicare or other policy deductibles, to creating a robust recovery plan at home