KANSAS, March 22, 2012—Long Term Care Associates, a member of the National LTC Network, is sponsoring a series of columns to help consumers and producers better understand long term care insurance riders.

Asked about the series' topic, author Stephen D. Forman responded, "Long Term Care Insurance ("LTCI") has long been beset by a reputation among producers and consumers alike as one of the most complex forms of insurance. Although periodic waves of standardization in the industry have made comparison-shopping easier, Insurance Carriers continually introduce new LTCI Riders in an effort to out-compete one another for your business."

"Here at Long Term Care Associates we work hard to simplify the complex for our clients, Forman continued. "I decided to extend that philosophy into a primer on LTCI riders which could be understood by novice producers or first-time shoppers alike."

The series can be found on Producers eSource. The Top 10 LTCI Riders covered in the first article are:

  1. Inflation Protection
  2. Reimbursement vs. Cash
  3. Elimination Period Options
  4. Restoration of Benefits
  5. Couples Shared Care
  6. Couples Survivorship
  7. Couples Waiver of Premium
  8. Limited Payment Options
  9. Return of Premium
  10. Monthly Benefits
  11. Bonus: "Immediate" Benefits

While the first article serves as a primer—complete with Mr. Forman's signature brand of opinionated commentary—future columns will spotlight individual LTCI Riders in greater depth. Whether you are a producer or consumer, this is a series you will want to bookmark: with 10,000 Baby Boomers turning 65 every day, long term care insurance is only going to increase in popularity. Everyone owes it to themselves to become more familiar with the product, and seek out reliable sources of information in the process.

"The Top 10 Long-Term Care Insurance Riders You Need To Know" can be found here

About Stephen D. Forman | LTCA, Inc.

Mr. Forman has spent the last 20 years helping producers and clients plan for their future long term care needs. As a featured columnist and resident "LTCI Expert" on behalf of several publications, his expertise has been sought by Kiplinger's Personal Finance, Agent's Sales Journal, and the Congressional Research Service. With roots tracing back to 1974, LTCA is now entering its 5th decade focused exclusively in long-term care insurance, and leads the nation by serving over 5 million members of sponsoring organizations. Stephen D. Forman i Sr. V-P at Long Term Care Associates, Inc., a nationwide brokerage general agency headquartered in Bellevue, WA.

About National LTC Network

The National LTC Network is an organization with 30 member firms, including some of the most-respected and successful distributors of long term care insurance in the country. Founded in 1994, the Network's members include trailblazers in workplace sales, association sales, and traditional individual sales.

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Producers eSource is a leading industry publication providing insurance and financial professionals with strategies, tools and tips to grow their business. Working with active industry experts to identify issues relevant to the insurance business, Producers eSource delivers proven solutions that both inform and help the financial professional succeed in today's marketplace.

About LTCA

With roots dating back to 1972, Long Term Care Associates, Inc. (LTCA) has now entered its 5th decade focused exclusively in the LTC insurance marketplace. Headquarted in Bellevue, WA, the company is proud to serve over five million members of sponsoring organizations, and count the claim payments to its clientele in the tens of millions of dollars

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